• Cotswold – £19.50

Cotswold wool is especially luxurious when hand-combed using wool combs to make a true worsted roving. Generally, the tighter the curls of the fleece, the finer the wool. The curly locks are often sold as “Santa Claus Beard” material.

  • Ryeland (also coloured) – £14.95

The wool resists felting. The staple length is generally 8 cm to 10 cm, with a fibre diameter of  25 to 28 microns. The fleece on average weighs 2 kg to 3 kg

  • Kerry Hill- £14.95

The fleece is fine and white, with a bradford count of 54 to 56 and a staple length of 10 cm (4 in).used for hand-knitting & blankets. An average fleece weighs about 2.75 kg 

  • Lleyn- £14.95

The Lleyn has a tight skin, with fine dense medium length wool. It is water repellent, pure white and does not carry faults.

  • Jacob- £14.95

The fleece of a Jacob is light, soft, springy and open with little lanolin and varies in crimp. A medium-fine wool is sought after by handspinners if it is free of kemp

  • Beulah Speckled Face- £14.95

The wool has little crimp and dyes easily. It is used for hand spinning, weaving and knitting, to make garments and fabrics, and the coarser ranges are used for household textiles 

  • other breeds available

All fleeces are sold are 750g (please contact me for bulk purchases)

Postage is £3.95 in the UK